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A great place for your child to learn and have fun

Our Vision

To assist children to become resilient, self-confident, respectful and knowledgeable individuals, well equipped to succeed in their life long journey of learning and development.

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Our Philosophy

Subicare Philosophy 2016

Subicare Child Care Centre currently and historically places the welfare, safety and security of its children, families and educators at the forefront of everyday service, practice and consideration.

Subicare is a primary support foundation for children in their earliest years, and is their first connection within their wider community.

At Subicare we seek to build strong initial foundations for our children, through the promotion of developing resilience, by supporting developing confidence and promoting and encouraging growing independence.

Our Early Years care environments seek to nurture respect and consideration for others as individuals and to build children’s self-belief, acceptance and engagement within a shared, equitable and social atmosphere.

Children are encouraged to consider and develop awareness of their impact upon their peers, their community and surrounding environments.

Our centre’s ethos strongly encourages social connection to the wider community, and supplementary services. Our early learning seeks to instil a conscious awareness of supportive and sustainable practice, developing understanding of our natural and environmental surroundings.

Subicare’s early learning programs promote challenge, scaffolding and individualism. Children engage in a range of play based, culturally diverse and child related learning and educative experiences, evident within our programs, our menus and our admissions.

Subicare’s curriculum strongly supports guidelines stipulated by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), the National Curriculum and the Australian Curriculum Assessment Recording Authority (ACARA), with a strong emphasis on supporting school years transition through an in house focused Kindy/School Readiness/Transition Program.

We celebrate each child and staff member’s national/cultural days, with a conscious learning of individual cultures, creating a sense of connection and belonging within our Subicare community.

Families assist to offer cultural insight and interest into everyday learning, active participation in centre experiences is encouraged, at a level which is comfortable and applicable for all.

Educators as our cornerstone, are supported and encouraged to extend and develop their professional knowledge. Educators are offered opportunity to attend professional learning and development, which engages and supports early years understanding and awareness.